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Markesan ( Images Of America)

Markesan (Images of America)

I found this book an interesting read and loved the old photos.  The Markesan Historical Society is a great local treasure for Markesan.  Click here to find the book on Amazon.

Warm Summer Evening On The Farm

Playing on Grandpa's farm near Markesan

What a fun day!  The old farm has plenty of fun old things to climb and play on.  The morning was spent fishing at Little Green Lake, and the afternoon was spent with the horses.  That is a lot of excitement for one young boy.  What might tomorrow bring?

Amazing Day on Big Green Lake

County Park on Big Green Lake
I found myself north of Markesan, driving past County Park on a quiet afternoon recently.  I just had to stop and enjoy the moment.  I spent many hours here as a kid.